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Even if you are completely new to affiliate/internet marketing or if you have health, erectile dysfunction or sexual health related website or if you are a pay-per-click promoter, you can quickly promote the ED Management e-book and start earning money instantly as an affiliate.

The great thing about being an affiliate is that you don't have to do anything except send people to our website. Many people all over the globe are earning significant income just by being affiliates and without the hassle of developing a product, taking care of shipping or customer service issues.

Dear Marketing Partner and Friend,

If you're interested in earning an additional income stream online, whether you're brand new to affiliate programs or if you're already an experienced online marketer, then it's critical that you read through this entire page.

Tell Me, Do You Fit Any Of These Categories…?

You run your own website, blog, forum, newsletter, and your visitors, clients or subscribers would be interested in learning how to control their erection naturally and without drugs, without creams, without surgeries, without gimmicks, and without side effects. Do you need a high-quality product to promote - one with a proven reputation for integrity.

Are you sick and tired of all the junk products and health solution gimmicks being sold on the web? Do you want to earn an automatic pilot stream of income while at the same time sincerely helping people to get rid of their hemorrhoids and dramatically improve their lives?

You're an experienced online marketer and would like to create an additional income stream in the Health & Fitness niche using a reputable program with high conversions, serious commission rates, and professional marketing tools.

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If you answered YES to ANY of the above questions, then come aboard and start promoting one of the highest quality information products online today and begin earning a steady stream of income when you sign up for the ED Management affiliate program.

Sounds Great, But What Is An Affiliate Program?

How Exactly Do I Make Money Promoting This Program?

Basically, an affiliate is someone who we pay commissions to for each sale he or she generate for us. You start by signing up and creating a free affiliate account with ClickBank (details on that below). You'll then receive a special "referral" link that you can use to drive traffic to our website. Whenever a customer clicks on your referral link, visits our website and makes a purchase, we pay you 75% commission for that sale.

Please read the disclaimers listed below before using these resources and beginning your marketing of ED Management.

Who Pays Me?

You get paid by an independent company called ClickBank. They are a trusted third party affiliate management company so you can rest assured that your commissions will always be paid fairly and on time. ClickBank is the leader in online secure credit card processing for digital information products.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Well, the amount of money that you make is impossible for us to predict and entirely up to you and how aggressively and passionately you promote the ED Management eBook.

The possibilities are endless! You make industry leading 75% Commissions Across the Board (Including Upsells!) Promoting The Highest Converting Erectile Dysfunction Offer on ClickBank.

Our Affiliates Typically Get 4-9% Front-End Conversions & 61% Take Rate on Upsells.

Do The Math!

There are many effective ways to market the ED Management eBook to generate quality traffic and earn substantial commissions: Placing highly visible links or banners on a high traffic website, promoting through PPC engines, advertising hemorrhoids related articles, writing a good PR and of course, if you run a health, erectile or sexual health related magazines, you can recommend it to your subscribers as an affiliate.

Follow These 3 Simple Steps Below To Get Started

1. To start promoting the ED Management, you need to be a registered user of ClickBank.

If you are a new affiliate and don't have a ClickBank account yet, please visit and create your free account.

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If you're new to affiliate marketing and need help creating your referral links, simply visit our Affiliate Resource and Training Section (Step 2). You can also contact us if you have any questions.

2. Explore our Affiliate Resources Section

Many, many hours of work and a lot of money have gone into developing these resources, and I use them myself in promoting ED Management…

These resources are the real deal.

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Use these articles to promote ED Management. Insert some links in the articles, and a “call to action” at the bottom, to send traffic through your ClickBank affiliate link.

When using these articles don't forget to change your affiliate link at the end of them.

ARTICLE #1 The 3 Best Exercises to Improve Sexual Function

Whether you suffer from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, are unable to orgasm – or you just want to improve your sex life, it’s important to exercise your “sex” muscles. These are the groups of muscles directly involved in the sexual act. Viagra doesn’t provide a long term increase of blood flow and it can have some nasty side effects. Increasing the health of your sex muscles will naturally increase blood flow and can lead to improved sexual function.

1. Best Exercise for Increasing Erection Hardness and Improving Orgasm Control by Strengthening Core Sex Muscles

This exercise involves your PC muscle (your pelvic floor muscle) which can be easily found by flexing your penis or vagina, which is what you do to stop the flow of urine midstream, or to hold urine in when you need to pee.

2. Best Exercise for Strengthening Supporting Sex Muscles

Without this second exercise your other muscles may become tired and unable to complete the sexual act to mutual fulfilment for both partners.
This one exercise will strengthen your abs, lower back, shoulders, chest, arms, legs and buttocks.
The Push-Up. Instead of lowering yourself all the way to the ground, I want you to lower yourself ONLY halfway down.

3. Best Exercise for Increasing Overall Sexual Fitness

This easy exercise increases blood flow to all areas of your body, strengthens your pelvic floor, abdominal, hip and upper leg muscles as well as strengthening your lymphatic system to help remove toxins from your cells – so you can feel less lethargic and have more energy for sex.
Rebounding on a mini trampoline for 10 minutes twice a day will do wonders for your overall health. Safety first, makes sure there is padding which covers the springs on your rebounder.
It shows exactly what this guy, Neil Omen, did to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes, read it here: http://your-afiliate-link......

ARTICLE #2 Gain Weight, Lose Your Sex Life?

Erectile dysfunction is commonly attributed to obesity, and both can sink your sex life. Find out why you should take control of your weight to regain your libido.

Erectile dysfunction, or ED, is one of the most common chronic conditions men face. It's estimated that 18 million men older than 20 experience it to some degree. Yet those numbers don't lessen the anxiety you feel when it happens to you.

Men experience ED in different ways, but in general, erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection for desired sexual activity. Though various things can cause ED, there's a consistently strong connection between obesity and sexual dysfunction - obese men are 2½ times more likely to experience ED than those of normal weight.

Obesity refers to body weight that is far above what is considered healthy. However, you could start to notice a variety of health issues, including ED, by being just 30 pounds overweight.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction: A Real Downer

The effects of weight gain on your sex life are twofold. First, obesity predisposes you to cardiovascular conditions such as atherosclerosis - cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels that impede blood flow to your organs, including the penis. Second, obese men have lower levels of testosterone, a male hormone vital to sexual function. This affects the ability to achieve erections because you need testosterone to increase the availability of nitric oxide, a blood vessel dilator in penile tissue.

In fact, the connection between heart health and sexual health is so strong that erectile dysfunction can often be the first sign of cardiovascular disease in overweight men. Researchers at the Institute of Cardiology at the University of Milan found that nearly all men who had coronary artery disease had experienced ED an average of 2 to 3 years before developing heart symptoms. Also, doctors at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio found that because of its connection to obesity, erectile dysfunction may be a predictor of future heart attacks and strokes.

According to a study done at the Center for Men's Health at Brown University in Providence, R.I., men typically first visit the doctor because of sexual complaints. So use erectile dysfunction as your opportunity to address your overall health - think of it as your body's way of telling you it's time to get a thorough checkup.

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction: The Psychological Fallout

Being overweight can also place psychological obstacles between you and a healthy sex life. Because of decreased testosterone levels, you may be experiencing low libido, a depressed mood, and decreased energy. These factors conspire to further inhibit your ability and, as importantly, your desire to have a satisfying sex life. Men even report a diminished sense of vitality and well-being.

Weight Loss: Your Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Ready to regain your sex life? Then it's time to shed that extra weight. Researchers at the Center for Obesity Management in Naples, Italy, found that weight loss improved sexual function in one-third of obese men.

Though the idea of weight loss can be overwhelming, the rules are actually simple. First, take a look at how much you eat. Ideally, aim to lose 1 or 2 pounds a week, which means cutting out 500 to 1,000 calories each day. That's right - it's time to read those dreaded nutrition labels.

Next, watch whatyou eat. Get rid of those chips and dips and cozy up to some greens and other raw veggies when you want to snack. Ditch the red and processed meats and try a fish filet instead. Switch up your white bread and pasta for some whole grains. Italian researchers found that these diet principles - the basis for the healthful Mediterranean diet - are very effective in improving ED in people with obesity.

Last, but not least, get a move on. Physical activity is a must for any successful weight-loss strategy. The numbers speak for themselves: Highly active men have 30 percent less risk for ED than couch potatoes. Don't have time? Just skip a few episodes of your favorite TV shows and get active for 30 to 45 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week.

And remember, the key to success is to maintain these healthy habits not just until you shed the pounds, but ideally for a lifetime.

It shows exactly what this guy, Neil Omen, did to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes, read it here: http://your-afiliate-link......

ARTICLE #3 the Truth about Masturbation Myths

Masturbation has been falsely tied to sexual and other health problems. Find out the truth about the most common masturbation myths. Masturbation is a natural physical function - "as natural as going to the bathroom or breathing air," says Susan Kellogg Spadt, PhD, RN, director of sexual medicine at the Pelvic & Sexual Health Institute in Philadelphia. However, there's a social stigma surrounding masturbation that has led to numerous masturbation myths. Here's an overview of those masturbation myths, as well as reliable sexual health information to debunk them.

Masturbation myth: Excessive masturbation can lead to erectile dysfunction. Reality: "Erectile dysfunction does not result from masturbation," Spadt says. "What can happen with either sex is they masturbate frequently and become used to a certain touch, be it vibration or one's own hand." Because of this, she says, "they may become habituated to that sensation and find it more difficult to have an orgasm with their partner."

Masturbation myth: People in relationships don't masturbate. Reality: According to the Kinsey Institute, 92 percent of men and 62 percent of women masturbate. "People masturbate whether they are in relationships or single," says Justine Marie Shuey, PhD, sexuality educator and a board-certified sexologist in Camden, N.J. "People often get jealous when their partners masturbate because they feel it's cheating or their partner is masturbating because they aren't good enough. What you need to realize is that people have different levels of sexual desire - all are totally healthy and normal, and some involve masturbation."

Masturbation myth: Masturbation will make you go blind. Reality: "Many myths about masturbation, such as this one, come from beliefs back when people believed sex was only meant for procreation," Stuey says. Because masturbation isn't for procreation, it was considered problematic. "People also believed sex could lead to insanity, tuberculosis, hairy palms, and death," she says. "Obviously, none of these things are true," she says.

Masturbation myth: Masturbation is not a normal part of sexual development. Reality: "Individuals are sexual beings from birth to death," Shuey says. An analysis of data on sexual behavior involving more than 800 teenagers ages 14 to 17 who responded to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviour showed that nearly three-quarters of boys and almost half of girls reported having masturbated.

Masturbation myth: There are no health benefits to masturbation. Reality: "Masturbation has a number of health benefits," Stuey says. "They include better sleep, reduced stress and tension, fewer headaches, improved concentration, increased self-esteem, a more youthful appearance, and better fitness." There are also a number of specific sexual health benefits for women, particularly in older women, including less vaginal dryness and pain during sex.

Masturbation myth: Children don't engage in masturbation. Reality: Masturbation is perfectly healthy at any age. "It may not be masturbation as we know it, but even little kids touch and explore their genitals because it feels good," Stuey says. "There are even ultrasound images where we can see masturbation occurring in utero." According to Planned Parenthood, experts recommend that parents teach young children that touching their sex organs for pleasure is a normal part of sexual health, but that it should be done in private.

Masturbation myth: You can masturbate too much. Reality: According to the American Psychological Association, masturbation is only considered "too much" if it gets in the way of daily activities, such as going to school or work or meeting friends. Also, if masturbation causes physical soreness, emotional issues (you can't think about anything else), problems with your relationship, or habituation issues (when only the type of stimulation you engage in during masturbation will lead to an orgasm), it may be a signal to cut back, Spadt says. But she says that a masturbation habit gets to this point for only a very few people.

Masturbation Myth: People only engage in masturbation when they are alone. Reality: "Some people masturbate together, and they incorporate masturbation into their sexual repertoires," Spadt says. Some couples enjoy watching each other masturbate, and some like to masturbate themselves to orgasm after other forms of sexual contact. "Mutual masturbation" is also a great way to have safe sex and prevent unwanted pregnancy.

It shows exactly what this guy, Neil Omen, did to go from lasting less than 10 seconds in bed to over 35 minutes, read it here:http://your-afiliate-link......


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